The EFPC books below are authored by Mr. Myer Morron.

IST Specific:

The FP7  Book below continues to be free however; the method of distribution for this book has changed from previous EFPC Books. It is only be held on the EFPC and Finance Helpdesk web sites and only people who register can download. Redistribution is no longer permitted without written permission from EFPC.

23.09.2013 - FP7 Book by Mr Myer Morron (FREE) V2.17



08/02/2005 - FP6 IST Book Version 2.1 (PDF Format)



08/02/2005 - FP5 IST Book - (German Translation)

General Books:

07/02/2005 - General FP6 Book Version 1.3



23/04/2005 - General FP6 Book Version 1.0 (Turkish Translation)